TAG Industrial Watch: January 28, 2023

At the peak of the Housing Bubble during the early 2000s, nearly 37% of new mortgages carried an adjustable rate (Yahoo! Finance). When interest rates shot up, mortgage payments followed suit, and many of those homeowners dumped their properties on the market, helping to ignite the 2008 Housing Crisis and the Great Recession. Today, the actors are different but the plot remains the same.

In recent years, up to a third of all commercial property debt carried floating interest rates. Just in case rates fluctuate higher, banks usually require borrowers of these loans to take out insurance that would cover interest costs over a certain level. But with the Federal Reserve raising short-term interest rates from nearly 0% to 4.5% last year, the premiums on interest rate cap insurance have unexpectedly skyrocketed. For example, in 2020, at a cost of just $22,000, a San Antonio apartment owner bought insurance on a $24.4 million loan that protected the landlord from interest expenses if rates moved above 5%. However, with the prime rate now at 7%, the landlord expects the premium to rise to about $1 million when the insurance renews in the fall, which is equivalent to 40% of the property’s annual net income (Globe St.).

Many property owners facing a drastic increase in interest rate cap insurance this year may simply choose to sell their property, putting further pressure on property valuations. Akin to the 2008 Housing Crisis, the seeds of a crisis in commercial real estate have already been sown. For small industrial owners, the good news is that interest rate cap insurance was mostly purchased by owners of large multifamily properties and warehouses. In the event of a crisis, the odds should favor small industrial owners.

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