Property Refinance Testimonial

“As we approach a closing date, we wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for the professional effort that has been displayed by each of you during this refinance.  Adam’s persistence over the years to engage with us on the property became a reason to call when we had an opportunity.  Handing off to Sunny, who established accurate expectations from the beginning, plus Jacob and Tiffiany’s execution on all fronts made the process very smooth.

We are excited to work with the Frost team and Julio’s ability to pull all the resources together to get this done was impressive, and done with a sense of urgency.  Now we get to work with Narva, and we already know how supportive she is.

After many, many years with North American Title as our records storage customer, we are thankful to be able to finally give a little back, and we look forward to a smooth closing with Lana and Meagan.

Others played important roles too, and we would appreciate your expressing our appreciation when you see them.” – Mike and Denise C.