Progressive Water Treatment

“TAG helped find a solution acceptable to both parties to overcome financing challenges. This transaction has helped to further my goal of expansion into the DFW market.” – Chris H.

“When I was first contacted by the group at Marcus and Millichap about selling my property, I thought it was a mistake. As if I were caught up in a mass mailout hoping to get a response. I listened to what they said about having potential buyers and gave them the green light to get an LOI in place. This is my first time selling an investment property. Many (let’s say most) of the terms, acronyms, and dialog used during the process were new to me. Davis and Tyler did a great job of educating me along the way. Their team took care of the majority of the work. I could not be happier with the results. The price that was offered at the beginning never changed throughout the deal. I really expected it to come down. The communication could not have been better. These guys called or emailed with updates nearly daily. The delays by the buyer and the details around them were always explained by the team and caused me no concern. I have spoken highly of Davis, Tyler, and the rest of the team to some people I have come across since we closed. My financial future has changed dramatically because the team at Marcus and Millichap found me. I am indebted to them all, and I wish great things for all you guys.” – Marc S.