354/356 Ranch Trail

“I have been involved in Real Estate for past 40 years as a builder/developer and also as a licensed real estate broker in Texas.  I had personally handled all of my listings and selling of all except for this last property.  My wife and I had recently moved away and considered listing this remaining property with an outside brokerage firm.  I had a cold call from Adam Abushagur. His approach and enthusiasm definitely made the right impression on me and I have had contact with hundreds of brokers and sales people involved in Real Estate during my 40 years in the business.

The process moved quickly and in a professional manner.  There was a very good offer presented and I was most pleased with the terms.  The process proceeded right up to the last day of the inspection period when the buyer backed out.  This was not a result of any fault of Adam’s.  To his credit, he did not let this in any way discourage his enthusiasm to sell the property.  In two weeks, he had another and better offer for us to consider, this time with a 15-day close and hard money from day one.  Good work Adam.  Hope can do another deal soon. For anyone looking for representation in a real estate sale, Adam Abushagur would certainly be a broker worthy of consideration.” – Jerry K.