2407 North Preston Street

“As a first-time seller, it was an exceptional experience to work with Tyler and TAG Industrial. Tyler is highly skilled, listened to our needs, and gave clear sound advice. He provided tremendous support, kept the transaction on track, and managed the escrow process seamlessly. Tyler’s professionalism and market knowledge truly sets TAG apart. This transaction served as a valuable learning experience, and we highly recommend Tyler and TAG to other investors!” – Seller

“Working with Tyler from TAG Industrial was a fantastic experience. His excellent communication and proactive approach made the transaction smooth and successful. Despite representing the previous owner, Tyler had a good balance between his fiduciary duty to his seller while also servicing us as the buyer. Tyler’s organization stood out, and he addressed any issues promptly. We are thrilled with the investment and highly recommend Tyler and TAG Industrial to other investors. Their professionalism and dedication make them an excellent choice!” – Buyer