On behalf of my wife’s Trust, I have been working with Adam for almost two years.

Both Anne (my wife and sole trustee for her Trust) and I have found Adam to be consistently and thoroughly professional, following through comprehensively on requests for Adam’s assessment and other information regarding the Trust’s +/- $3,000,000 property at 8101 Carpenter Freeway / aka, “PCI Dallas.”

Despite a false start approximately a year earlier, when my wife/the Trust changed her mind regarding selling the property at that time, Adam continued to provide services to us, even after we cancelled our plans to list the property with him.

When Anne finally decided to sell, we unhesitatingly listed the property with Adam/M&M early this year. And it took him all of three days to bring us a pre-qualified (by Adam) Buyer; with the property closing on time in just 45 days. With Adam’s good advice we realized $250,000 more than we originally thought we could sell the property for, given all of the challenges associated with the property and tenant’s lease.

Without reservation, Anne and I would recommend Adam to anyone who valued always-willing and competent good service, combined with realistic advice and success-proven performance on behalf of his clients.

Anne and I have been involved with perhaps 30-some brokers in our real estate investments, planning and development for over 45 years, from small rental properties to billion dollar casino projects. Adam stands out as THE best real estate professional who we have had the pleasure to work with.

Please feel free to use us as enthusiastic references for Adam Abushagur.


Barry K.